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Chronica Plus for Mac Help

Chronica Plus is the application to make a chronological table and to display.

iPhone Edition, iPad Edition, Windows Edition are available.

Data Structure :

The data structure image of Chronica Plus for Mac

This picture is the data structure of this app. The data own the data directed by the arrow.

A category function can manage some chronological tables as the folder.

Chronological Table
A chronological table establish some individuals and data on the organization and etc.
The link to other category can be made.

Individual/Organization Data
This function can be set up about the individual of the one person, one organization, and so on.
The link to other table can be made.

Period Data
The age which is common to the chronological table is defined as this function.

The events of individual/organization is defined as this function.

Import, Export
The function to import, export to the file.

Search Dialog
This dialog search the name,content,description of the data by the keyword.


About the deletion of the category,the table

About chronological table display window
It draw one chronological table. It can save as PDF file.

How to make a chronological table individually.

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