About Individual Data CSV File Format

The CSV format is


The delimiter to separate the items can be chosen ',' and Tab and ';' on the screen.

1. Born_Date, Died_Date

When the year, month and day are specified, Its date format is yyyy/MM/dd .
When the year, month are specified, the date format is yyyy/MM .
When only the year is specified, the date format is yyyy .

The character that separates the day, month, and year can be specified
one non-numerical character without '/'.

"1990.1.21" can be specified.

The non-numerical characters between the numerical character of the date and the delimiter are ignored as input data.

When "1990.1.21xxxx, " is specified, "xxxx" is ignored.

When the BC date is specified, please add B.C. or BC or - before the number of the year.

The date: "May 03, 41 BC" can be inputted at any "B.C.41/5/3" or "BC41/5/3" or "-41/5/3" .

If Start_Date > End_Date, it is not possible to input its line.

The Start_Date item is need to input. the empty End_Date item is OK.

2. First_Name, Family_Name

If the item quoted with double quotes, its double quote cannot be inputed.

If First_Name and Family_Name are empty, it is not possible to input its line.
The empty URL item is no problem.

3. Individual Data CSV Example

 Enzo,Ferrari ,1898/2/18,1988/8/14,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enzo_Ferrari