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Individual/Organization Data

That consist of first name, family name, start date, end date, event data etc.


Add Individual/Organization Data

When the [ + ] button under the Individual/Organization view is pressed, "Individual/Organization Registration" window appeares.
First Name,Family Name,Name are required items.
When "First .. Family ../Family .. First .." segmented control is choosed, name is displayed its order on Table Display window.
When "View All" checkbox is unchecked, max date and minimum date of the table are calculated from other data without it.


Change Individual/Organization Data

When [ * ] button under Individual/Organization view is pressed, "Individual / Organization" window appeares.
The type of "Individual / Organization" cannot be changed.


Move Individual/Organization Data

The Individual/Organization item becomes a translucent state of Icon View when it drags to the right or the left with clicking on the item of the table.
It is moved in the place to want to change it, and the item of the table is moved when a mouse button is left.
The Individual/Organization item can be moved to other table.
In its case, If Command key of the keyboard is pressd, the same Individual/Organization data is referenced from its table.


Delete Individual/Organization Data

When the right-clicked menu item [ Delete This Data ] which the table item is selected is clicked, its data is deleted.